Mudita – finding joy in the joy of others — Picnic with Ants

“Mudita is a word from Sanskrit and Pali that has no counterpart in English. It means sympathetic or unselfish joy, or joy in the good fortune of others.” (1) I bring up Mudita now because those of us who are sick often find it very hard not being able to participate in celebrations this time of […]

via Mudita – finding joy in the joy of others — Picnic with Ants

I must bring this blog to your attention! I enjoyed this blog and have found so many informative posts on this blogger’s site!  This post, in particular, I must re-visit often and learn the true meaning of Mudita, finding joy in the joy of others.

Christmas was a perfect time to practice Mudita. I’m great at empathy! I can and do empathize. I have that down. But to truly experience joy, sheer joy at another person’s good fortune is not always so easy. I want to say I practice Mudita in my personal life but that would not be speaking the truth. I can promise I will always work to practice Mudita in my everyday life. Honestly, it can be difficult.

For example;

“I sure am glad you won the Powerball!”

“So cool you got a brand new car!”

“Delighted your husband bought you such a beautiful coat!”

Now, see it from that person’s perspective and feel an overwhelming joy WITH them.

You get my drift… Wendy at Picnic with Ants does a much better job of explaining Mudita. So I am going to ask you to click on the above link and read about Mudita.


Tomorrow we will talk about Koselig, a Norwegian word. (I am a Scandinavian gal!)



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