Spoons, Clean or Dirty?


I’m sure you have all read the spoon theory? I love the spoon theory. No matter what chronic illness you have or who of you know someone with a chronic illness you have to read the spoon theory. I will give you a quick synopsis.

If we look at activities in our lives and the effort it takes to complete an activity, think of the energy needed as spoons. You get so many spoons (energy) per day. A healthy person has an unlimited number of spoons, they use up a spoon, another one is there waiting for them. Unlimited. A person with a chronic illness, such as fibromyalgia, has a limited number of spoons to use each day, 10 spoons. Let us say getting up and brushing your teeth takes 1 spoon, showering and getting dressed takes another 3. Making breakfast takes up 1 spoon. Walking your dog takes 3 spoons. It’s not even noon and the person with fibromyalgia has already used 8 spoons. There are two energy spoons left. How are you going to clean your house, get groceries and make dinner? You are not. The healthy person can, not the person with fibromyalgia.

So use your spoons wisely if you have fibromyalgia. You may want to shower every other day or take a relaxing bath in the evening. You will want to schedule household chores, breaking them up so you only clean one room a day. De-clutter. Don’t waste energy on dusting all those trinkets. Taking walks should never be given up on, you may want to take shorter, more frequent walks to conserve energy. Errands. Never ending errands!!! Get familiar with sites that deliver. I order everything I can on the internet or hand a short list to my husband. I have found that ordering household items keeps me with-in the budget I set for the month. There are no impulse purchases. Meals, make simple meals. Freeze meals for days when you are unable to cook. You may want to put aside a day to make soups and casseroles. Ask your partners and kids for help! There will be days, as my husband told me recently when all the spoons are dirty! So try to prepare for those days too.


Just breathe. Stay Strong. You got this!